Differently Talented Society of Kenya (DTSK) is a registered society that brings together parents of children with autism and children on the autism spectrum as well as professionals in the field of autism and special needs.

Established May 2016 by a group of parents with children on the autism spectrum, as a psycho-social support group which has grown to a membership of over 50 parents drawn from parents, practitioners, professionals, persons with autism and their caregivers.

Our Objectives

DTSK’s main objectives in line with our vision are:

  • Creating awareness within Kenya and beyond,
  • Provision of psycho-social support to parents of children with autism,
  • Sharing information , ideas and opportunity that bring out the best in persons living with autism,
  • Establishing partnership and linkages with government and non-governmental organizations to promote the well-being of persons living with autism,
  • Establishing an environment with support systems for the optimum development of children with autism,
  • Advocating for inclusivity of persons with autism in the society.


We have members all over the country. To become a member visit our office.

We hold annual general meetings.